Once your project is done, Little Rainbow Roofing & Exteriors supplies a 5-year warranty on residential projects. Manufacturers also supply warranty on the product installed, leaving the customer with peace of mind for many years to come.

Warranty & Maintenance Information


Ice Damming

During the winter months, we all must be aware of ice damming concerns. If a roof leaks as a result of buildup of ice, this is not an indication that your shingles were installed incorrectly. Ice damming is a common problem, especially in regions like Saskatchewan.

Ice damming occurs when snow on the roof melts and freezes over unheated areas, such as edges of the roof, eaves, attached porches, valleys, and garages. Other primary factors are large amounts of snow on roofs, slightly above or below freezing exterior temperatures, insufficient insulation, inadequate ventilation, poor sealing, or no vapor barrier, complicated roof designs and lower sloped roofs. Water leakage occurs when the snow above the ice dam melts or it rains, but the snow below prevents proper drainage, creating a backup of water. If enough water collects, it will back under the shingles and leak into the eaves, or worse: into the wall cavities or the interior of the house.

Basic preventative measures (Homeowners Responsibility):

  • Reducing excessive snow – especially on lower 4ft at the eaves (this will allow better runoff)
  • Carefully remove snow areas of concern; valleys, brick chimneys, and at eaves
  • If you are unable to do this work yourself, hire a company

Ice damming is not covered under any warranty, labor or material. Therefore, every homeowner must be on guard to ensure their roofs withstand the harshness of your winter/spring season. There are many sites on the internet that will provide you with more information. Search “ice damming on roofs.”

*We strongly recommend replacing all roof vents, bathroom fan vents, whirlybirds, lead, rubber, or aluminum plumbing stacks when having your roof re-shingled.


The installation of skylights will increase the risk of leakage. There are many different types of roof top skylights. Homeowners need to be careful when installing a “window” in their roof. Be sure to hire an experienced and proven contractor who can assist you with this project. Skylights will fatigue with age, and there is a high risk of problems in our climate. Little Rainbow Roofing & Exteriors does not warranty skylights, flashings, and the surrounding area.


Usually whirlybirds work well to ventilate your attic; however, you should not mix whirlybirds with other types of attic vents. Homeowners should be well informed prior to installing any attic ventilation. Please feel free to ask our representative to comment on your attic ventilation. The manufacturer of this product will provide a warranty – Little Rainbow Roofing & Exteriors does not extend warranty on attic ventilation products.


A fireplace chimney chase can be brick, stone, stucco, wood, vinyl siding, etc. Regardless of the exterior finish, it must have a metal flashing around the base of the chimney where it comes out of the roof. Little Rainbow Roofing & Exteriors does not repair or replace metal flashing, which is part of the fireplace construction. Homeowners should check their fireplace every year to ensure against leakage. As with “Brick Chimneys,” Little Rainbow Roofing & Exteriors does not include fireplaces in their warranty. Please see “Brick Chimneys” for further information.

Brick Chimneys

All brick chimneys should have metal flashing installed around the base of the brick where the chimney comes out of the roof. The metal flashing is part of the chimney, and if damaged and/or missing, must be repaired by a Brick (masonry) Tradesman. As the chimney ages the brick, mortar and metal flashing will fatigue. On wood sided fireplaces, the wood may be rotten, cracked, or shrink, therefore, it must be checked and maintained regularly. We do not repair brick chimneys. Homeowners must check all chimneys on an annual basis, especially on older homes. To install new shingles will not ensure that your chimney is secure. Little Rainbow Roofing & Exteriors will ensure that your new roof will be shingled with the utmost care; however, chimneys are not included in the warranty. Please feel free to ask our representative to comment and check on the condition of your chimney to better assist you in your maintenance program.

Little Rainbow Roofing & Exteriors offers a five year workmanship warranty on residential projects, please keep your invoice for warranty .

For warranty on material installed click on manufacturer warranty of any of the products we carry by clicking on the links below.